These bootcamps consist of a fun, fat-loss specific, functional metabolic workout to target all energy systems within the body. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a fitness fanatic, this class is designed to welcome all levels of ability, and help both men and women get fitter, stronger, and more powerful, whilst burning a bucket load of calories!  With a brand new workout every week, we use battle ropes, tyres, kettlebells, slam balls, prowlers, and many more great pieces of equipment to make this a workout you’ll WANT to keep doing! Enjoyment and effectiveness – That’s the key!

Strong Man Training with Tel Eastburn

Guys....dislike gyms? Lack confidence or are confused in a gym? For men, training in a gym alone can be hard! That guy over there is bigger than you, that one over there is lifting more weight, are you even doing it right?

The male bravdo which we are all cursed with can be a terrible thing, especially if you are unsure or unconfident in what you are doing in a gym, because all men should know how to workout right!? If this sounds familiar, and a gym environment makes you uneasy, this male only group strong man is for you. 

No male egos, no gym environment! Outdoor training on a glorious rooftop with like minded men!

Strongher @ The Barbell

Why not ditch the rooftop bars and head to @londonrooftopgym instead for this fullout fabulous workout in the sunshine! 

This is a women only weight training and HIIT class aimed to teach you the correct techniques to lift with perfect form whilst getting a good sweat on!

An afternoon for ladies to connect and get to know each other whilst learning correct techniques and how to train with weights effectively!

If you’d like to spend a fitness & fun-filled afternoon with Kitti and a group of like-minded Ladies, get in touch with Kitti to enquire about her next up coming workshops via

Weight Training workshop for Women with Kitti


The title pretty much explains it! Come and enjoy a fun-filled workout with drills, pad work, and explosive training styles that will leave you feeling like you can take on any kind athlete in their next event!

Train Like an Athlete